Printer Calibration

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Printer calibration and making icc profiles

The ins and outs of printer - paper profiles for gilee printing.
Printer Calibration

Making ICC profiles for giclee printing

Like with monitor calibration, printer calibration and using ICC profiles when printing to paper or canvas is crucial for best results.

The short version :
printers and pc monitors show colour in different ways. The screen displays Red Green and Blue light while the printer uses in the main, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks. Some printers have a few variations on this, true, but the principle is the same.

For a printer to know how to convert your RGB image as seen on the screen (assuming your screen is properly calibrated) into a CMYK format it can understand, some translation must take place along the way to the printer.

Most non-professional users with consumer grade printers will let the printer work it out for them, and sometimes it may look close to the original, but usually it is not strictly accurate. To get reliable and accurate transfer of colour to the paper/canvas print we need to use something called an ICC profile.

An ICC profile tells the printer how to accurately convert the RGB file it is sent into the correct mix of CMYK colour to print the right colour on the paper/canvas. Why is this important? Because if this is not done or is not done well, the printed colour on your print may not be correct. For fine art and professional photography giclee printing you really want to see the true colours (or shades of black and white). We need an ICC profile for each printer/paper/ink cmbination, and these should be updated regularly.

We take great care to use the best equipment to produce accurate ICC profiles in house for our paper and ink combinations. Consistent and reliable accurate colour reproduction is pretty much guaranteed.

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The quality of the prints is excellent, with really good colour, and much better than anything I've had previously from other bureaus... Thanks once again Gordon for a truly superb job you made of my prints. We are so pleased
The quality of prints on the archival art papers I get from Skylight Publishing has transformed the way I feel about my work and the way others relate to it. I really appreciate the time and care Gordon takes to ensure I get the best possible results.