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A selection of photographs by Mark Somerville printed by Skylight Publishing.
Bananas - by Mark Somerville

Available as a signed limited addition Giclee print

Bananas C2038 Four Three High Rise Night Stalker
Four Three
High Rise
Night Stalker
Mark Somerville

Mark SomervilleWith the ongoing development of my Art practice, it isn't just what was in front of the lens that interests me. I want to introduce an element of abstraction by applying post-production techniques to the finished piece. The aim being to encourage the viewer to experience familiar landscapes afresh. Recently, I have become intrigued by the negative image (something which has been lost with digital capture) when working up ideas for possible compositions.

However, these images remained somewhat prescriptive, i.e. my vision of a subject which might or might not resonate with an audience. In response to this, I am moving in a more abstract and conceptual direction. Gone is any attempt at a prescriptive approach to subject matter. I am engaged in offering a more permissive interpretation of my images to the viewer, fostering interaction and encouraging the audience to imbue the images with their own emotions and memories.

When it comes to printing up my Fine Art photographs for exhibition display, I find the cotton rag paper to be just what I am looking for. The major attraction of this medium is that it instantly transforms the image into something that smacks of quality and permanency.

Gordon's technical guidance, patience and high quality control come as an added bonus.

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The quality of the prints is excellent, with really good colour, and much better than anything I've had previously from other bureaus... Thanks once again Gordon for a truly superb job you made of my prints. We are so pleased
The quality of prints on the archival art papers I get from Skylight Publishing has transformed the way I feel about my work and the way others relate to it. I really appreciate the time and care Gordon takes to ensure I get the best possible results.
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