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A selection of artworks by Charlie Langton reproduced by Skylight Publishing.
Derby Award Design Drawing by Charlie Langton

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Derby Award Design Motivator Side by Side    
Investec Derby Trophy
Pencil on Paper
Oil on canvas
Side by Side
Oil on canvas
Charlie Langton

Charlie LangtonCharlie trained for a year at the Edinburgh College of Art before heading to Florence for two years to study at the Charles Cecil studio. It was here that the talented artist developed an appreciation for the work of the old masters and in particular Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci’s understanding of his subject, desegno and his ability to work in all mediums is something that has inspired Langton in his own work and which is reflected in his drawings, paintings and sculptures.

It was while in Florence that Charlie truly recognized the importance of observing and understanding the human figure from life as paramount. To capture a character, whether it be human or equine and the necessity to study them from life became an imperative and key aspect of Langton’s artistic development. It is the likes of George Stubbs, (with whom Langton shares his birthday), and his passion for knowing everything about his subjects that has become a huge influence for Charlie.

Having grown up in the countryside of Wiltshire and surrounded by horses from an early age, Langton’s natural understanding of their magnificent form is realised in his work, from their delicate yet pronounced muscle to their perfectly constructed heads. ‘ When I see a horse, whether it is parading before a race,   jumping a fence, pushing for the line, or simply standing in a paddock, I don’t want the image to end so I try and capture a lasting impression in my mind and then work it into bronze or onto a canvas. I see an animal that is full of emotion and a perfect balance of power and grace.’

The underlying theme of Langton’s work is understanding the form and portraying it in different mediums. Working in pencil, charcoal, chalk, oil, plaster, bronze, silver and soon, he hopes, marble, his work is grounded in the ethos of the old masters but with an individual and unique style of his own, which is unmistakable. 

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