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What makes a good Giclee print?

Considerations for quality giclee printing.

Good quality giclee printing depends on a few factors. These could be listed as:
a) the quality of the digital file used
b) the quality and type of paper used
c) the quality of the inks and the printer used
d) the skills and expertise of the person doing the job
e) effective colour management

I will look into each of these areas in more detail in forthcoming articles.  Needless to say I consider myself competent and experienced enough to offer my thoughts and on these matters here, and that is backed up by the many very positive and complimentary comments that have been passed to me by very satisfied or delighted customers over the years.

It often surprises me how many times I am told how my prints are the best my clients have ever had done. I say this because in my mind I am simply following obvious and necessary steps towards producing quality giclee prints, which I would have thought would have been more universally followed.

I suppose a factor at play here is the care and attention taken by the technician (I will just use the term 'printer' here). I can imagine some in this industry are more keen to cut corners, reduce costs (at all costs) and have a lower level of standards. It could also simply be ignorance of some basic working practices.

The result is (as I have seen) some artists / photographers have had less than happy experiences with giclee printers and have formed opinions about giclee printing which is less than satisfying.  In fact the quality of giclee prints possible these days are quite outstanding and I am always delighted when my customers affirm that about my prints.

The secret (though it's not exactly a secret) is contained in each of the areas I listed above. It's not in just one of them, but is dependent on all of them.  Key of these I would argue is the skill and expertise of the person doing the job. If that is right then that should ensure all the other factors will be too.  It does help to have someone who cares enough to get the job right and has an eye for colour.  I have an art background and am a keen photographer too, which helps greatly in my opinion. Every print I do for a customer I treat as if it were my own - and I want the best of course. I think that is the best approach anyway.

The subject of colour management is the most challenging I suppose and does take some time to master, but it's not rocket science. There is plenty of material out there about this, but I will add my own comments and observations from experience in coming articles.

Artist and Photographers using our services...
The quality of the prints is excellent, with really good colour, and much better than anything I've had previously from other bureaus... Thanks once again Gordon for a truly superb job you made of my prints. We are so pleased
The quality of prints on the archival art papers I get from Skylight Publishing has transformed the way I feel about my work and the way others relate to it. I really appreciate the time and care Gordon takes to ensure I get the best possible results.